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As a mode of worldmaking, practice acknowledges a multiplicity of things & processes by participating in their creative play. Before it is a specific position on program, design language or site, we feel the work to be a gathering - an occasion where many views, energies & realities meet. For enhanced interaction, each encounter seeks openings in hardened definitions of use, appearance, etc. through dialogue & sharing of experience.


In this, our practice is most inspired by the cultural & ecological conditions of south Asian contexts, manifesting in unique people-place-material relationships. We take from these relationships & attempt to give back with reimagination. Execute architectural actions with criticality & responsiveness to both – the constant as well as the emergent in them.


Engaging at different scales, with diverse programs & clientele is enjoyed equally in the studio. Where possible, particular design situations are cross-fertilized with stimulus from contrastive ones.

Infrastructural works, service buildings, workspaces, clinics, etc. are seen beyond the typical image of aseptic areas for mechanical transactions. In such projects, placeness is sought by opening emotional & symbolic fronts for dialogue and emphasizing the scope of human involvement in making them.

Conversely, houses, renovations works & furniture design undertaken by us are valued as opportunities to study construction detail, finishes, workmanship & are dealt with wholesomeness and architectural integrity.


khushboo vyas

smit vyas

shivani patel

honey katoch

arpita agarwal

kunj gadhecha

rajvi doshi

aarjavi mehta

ishita agrawal

rhea mehta

vishwa chovatiya

bhoomi thakkar

kavina swaminarayan

dipti kotak

aanal parikh

juhi sinha

dipika parikh

swaroop raj

nikita soni


akanksha thakur

vatsal dalal

ketan narkhede

ishan sarai

eshna patel

aditya gadani

vaibhavi shastri

badal shah

sayyam sisodia

alekha kakkarayil

shreya mittal

ananya bansal

payal parmar

siddharth mistry

varsha p

shreya patel

hetvi joshi

drishti karda

shrutika oak

yogan shah

yesha mewada

rajeshwari johnson
deep godhania

disha shah

nidhi jain

rutvi shah

abirami periakaruppan

kashish mehta

aakruti kyada

dhwani domadia

aditya malviya

mudit tikmani

richa shah

devashree choudhari

fayez alam

samaya burde

arjun gowda

bindushree rao

palak prajapati

ankita golcha

rahul dhamane

payal jindal

prera vaishnav

pallavi kale

mitika mathews


shubhra bannerjee


We find work emerging out of dialogue and shared effort to be richer in quality & therefore much more rewarding. Teamwork, thus forms the mainstay of our studio ethic.

Informal discussions with architectural friends, conversations between the studio team, technical consultants & clients make the discursive matrix of ideas & perspectives that shapes our work and is critical to all decision making.

We are particularly grateful to the numerous artisans & agencies - fabricators, brick & stone masons, carpenters, etc who have been co-participants in different projects. Showing great generosity & patience while letting us in on their tacit knowledges, they are, at the best of times, mentors outside of the academia. 

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10-vikarna, avani row house,

lal bungalow lane, off c.g.road,

ellisbridge, ahmedabad - 380006



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